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Help it Won’t Make Ice!

An obvious problem is if the ice machine just won’t put out ice. This can be caused by several issues. Fortunately most are easy to fix. Your friendly A & H Plumbing technician can usually spot the problem quickly and get it fixed pronto. Here are some of the possible problems you could encounter.

The water line is stopped up. This can happen if the screen filter in the line is plugged with deposits. Along the same line, the water filter can be plugged up. A properly functioning Water filter is very important for the quality of the ice. Without a water filter you will get organic and chemical debris in your ice, yet with a plugged water filter you get no ice. Changing this filter periodically (or having us change it) will keep the clean water flowing, and customers coming back for more.

I know it sounds obvious, but if the unit is not running you won’t get ice.  So check to see if it is running, and if it isn’t, then make sure someone hasn’t kicked the power cord out of the wall socket. The next step would be to see if someone switched the unit off. A faulty power cable will also keep your ice maker from running. If that is the problem, you should let your A & H Plumbing Technician repair it.

Another cause for your commercial ice machine to not make ice, is if a fuse or circuit breaker has blown. If this is the case, it usually means that some part of the system is overloaded. It may be another piece of equipment on the same electrical line or “circuit”. Or, it could be a faulty electrical part in the ice maker itself. If whoever installed your ice maker did a poor job of grounding the unit, it could cause this problem. It might be a worn power cable, that allows the wire to short out, or even a short circuit in your ice machine’s internal electrical system. Our technicians are well trained in this area.

Sometimes a mechanical part in the ice machine gets frozen, locked up, or just broken. And, of course, if the thermostat is broken and the unit won’t cool, you won’t get ice.

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