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There Is No Such Thing as a “Minor” Leak

Every plumbing system runs into problems, and some people believe that comparatively minor problems can be corrected without having to call a plumber. This is usually a big mistake. Not only can small issues become big ones in a great big hurry, but many repairs require specialized equipment that it’s simply not practical to purchase for a one-time-only use. When it comes to plumbers, A & H has its share, and they can perform swift, efficient repairs on clogs, leaks and anything in between. Again, those don’t sound like much, but they have a way of getting out of hand very quickly. For example, here’s why there is no such thing as a “minor” leak.

Much of your plumbing is located behind the walls, in the crawlspace or similar hard-to-reach locales. Drips and leaks there have a way of going undiscovered for a long period of time. A slow leak in and of itself won’t cause much damage initially, but over time it can damage the surrounding drywall and electrical systems: increasing the cost of repairs dramatically. Leaks that go unaddressed have a way of expanding unexpectedly, and can turn into major water damage when you least suspect it.

Initial detection and early action are the key to addressing such leaks. If you can spot them early and call in a plumber, you can keep the repair bill fairly minor. If you let it go, however, or attempt to stop the leak yourself, it could need up creating a lot more damage, and the repair bill will balloon as a result. This is true even with such seemingly small leaks as a drippy faucet, or a leak which only releases a few drops a minute.

The experts at The Sunny Plumber know why there is no such thing as a “minor” leak, and we always move swiftly to get it resolved. When you’re looking for professional plumbing services in Greater St. Louis Metro East area, you won’t find any company more dedicated to their complete satisfaction than us. Don’t take chances with minor plumbing repairs. Give the experts a call today and make sure the problem gets solved right the first time, every time!

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